Stack Bar Chart - show total for all categories

As of now Stack Bar Chart show counts for every category perfectly.

1. Is there any way to show grand total count for all categories?

    For example, there are 3 categories. Category 1 Value = 10; Category 2 Value = 20; Category 3 Value = 30.

    All these values 10;20;30 are shown on the chart. Is there any way to show total 10 + 20 + 30 on top of stack bar?

2. If it is not possible I believe it will be useful to add this functionality for future releases. 

    Please, let me know.



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    Adam Doogan-Smith

    Hi Pavel!

    There is a way to do this. For this example, I'm going to create a simple bar chart that has different scores for three countries. 

    In this example, I have two series and I am stacking these series. To show the grand total for all the series combined, I add another series and in the formula of the third series, I add the first two series together like so:

    Next, in the properties for the third series I select line chart for chart type, the chart style with the dots but no lines and select "Show values on chart".

    This should now give you a totals on top of each stack!

    Happy Dashboarding!


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    Ben Daly

    Can this be done for a power metric?

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    Adam Doogan-Smith

    Hi Ben!

    Currently this is not possible in PowerMetrics, but will be a capability that is on the roadmap and will be added in the future.


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