Struggling with DATE_CONVERT function


I'm trying to do a simple conversion from one date time format to another. 

My formula is:

DATE_CONVERT(@E:E,"dd-MMM-yyyy hh:mm:ss","hh:mm")

An example of what I have currently: "10-Aug-2017 09:28:03" and I'd like it to be just hours and minutes: "09:28".

But I just get blank cells with the code pasted above. What am I doing wrong?


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    Larona Nyambe

    Hello Carlos, 

    Thanks for posting on the community. 

    Check your date locale setting, the date you posted above is English "Aug" - but if your locale is using another language, the system will return blank as its expecting dates in that language. 

    You also want to use HH instead of hh, hh is 12 hour notation.



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    Carlos Kynäslahti

    Hi Larona,


    Thanks for your reply. I understand the problem now. I assume that there is no way to use DATE_CONVERT if the locale is different from the language used in the data source results? Is there no way around this? This is a bit inconvenient since we use at least two different languages (English and Finnish) in our data source. 



    Carlos Kynäslahti

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