customize "value"'s position of bar/line chart


I am drawing a bar/line chart , and select "show values on chart". I want to customize the position of the values (i mean now the value on top of the bar chart ,I want to set the value on the middle of the bar). I got the reply from our support team that the funciton seems can not realize now. so raise the question here, hope the feature can come out some day:)

Thanks all of your great support always!

Best regards,



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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Kun,

    Thank you for raising this feature request and contributing to the community.

    I will raise with the product team to explore possibilities.  



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    Christopher Dermody

    Just wanted to follow up on this feature request, could love the ability to choose for the value to appear at the top, left, right, and bottom of the data point. 

    Above, I have two series, each with "show value" activated. Since they are so close, they overlap and cannot be read together. If I could customize the red series value to appear on the bottom, and the purple value defaulting to the top position, this could be solved easily. 

    I understand the original request outlined having the ability to have the data value appear on different positions of the bar series. Maybe approach that as Above, Top, Middle, Bottom? 

    Both should be easy to handle, happy to make my request in a separate feature request if it is different. 

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