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I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction, but I'm having trouble working out how to add data to create a sparkbar.

I have a 8 systems where backups are performed and I have data on each system, each day and whether it was a success (1 or 0). I can't work out how to create a table with a list of systems and then a sparkbar (or WinLoss). I have the raw data pulling into a pivot table then uploaded via email so I can move around the data to a better shape. I've tried :

  • System in column A, dates as row 1 and data to plot (1 or 0) as rows. 
  • System in column A, dates in column B and data to plot (1 or 0) as column C

Can someone point me at a help file or even a picture of how I'm meant to set this up !!

Many thanks



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    Adam Doogan-Smith

    Hi Catherine!

    Here is a simple example of how to set-up a table with a win/loss chart in it. There is further documentation on this here.

    In the first column, select the names from the data source or type in an ARRAY of the system names. In this example, I am selecting the first four cities from the data source:

    Next, I am going to select the temperature data for the next column by using a combination of ARRAY, JOIN, and SLICE. To create a sparkline or win/loss chart, I am combining the values for each city into a comma separated list with the JOIN function. Then using the ARRAY function to group these comma separated lists.

    In the properties of the second column, I then switch the format to "Mini Chart: Win/Loss" to show the chart instead of the raw numbers.

    In your specific use case, if you are working with 1's or 0's, when you create a win/loss chart, you could set the threshold in the properties tab as 0.5 so if the value equals 0 it will return a red loss bar and if the value is one it will return a blue win bar. 

    How your data comes into Klipfolio will change these formulas slightly, but this should set you down the right path!


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    Catherine Parkinson

    This is amazing. 

    Thank you, so much for taking the time to write this in detail. 

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