Set a global value for currency on account/user-level

Hi. Just tried your product today and it seams great. I just have an idé on currency and separators settings. 

Right now all currency is set to dollar, and since I live in Sweden and only handles accounts in Sweden I'll have to go into every single klip and set it to Sek (kr), and set the thousand separator to space and so on, on every klip. I would like to have the option to set what currency I use on user level. 

I would suggest that one can set the currency and separatorsettings on both User- and Account level, and that would work like this:

If no value is set on user or account level the default can still be dollar. User-level setting overrides default setting and Account-level settings overrides both User-settings and Default settings.

This is not a complicated implementation and should not take more than half a day for your programmers to fix, but save a LOT of time for your users that now have to change the currency and separators on every single klip.




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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Johan, thank you very much for the feedback. I am happy to hear that you are enjoying Klipfolio so far. We agree with your suggestion for global currency values and do plan on implementing default formats, although at this point it is not in our development schedule.

    Thank you

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    Johan Lundberg

    Great to hear that it will be done. Thanks.

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    Sion Stedman

    Hi both, I second this proposal. I am based in the UK and we have ten dashboards to manage. With no current Klipfolio functionality allowing defaults to be set, every element of every klip on every dashboard has to be manually changed from dollars to pounds. It's fine for dollars to be the initial default, but it should be easy to make a dashboard-wide or account-wide change. Smacks of being a very USA-centric approach in the meantime, when Klipfolio has customers all around the world, needing to display their own currencies. I note that this issue was first raised by a customer here in 2013 – five years ago now.

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    Piotr Byliniak


    Any update on this?

    I also need to set currency per user. For now, I'm storing currency in a variable. As I cannot use variables in suffix or postfix of a label I concatenated two labels to be visible for the viewer as one label. But i don't like it, because it's ugly workaround. It would be helpful to also have a possibility to use variables in postfix/suffix.

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