Is it possible to add a line into a gauge to show where we were at at this same point last year? So for example, even though we're far off our target this year, we're better than we were at the same point last year. Is there any way to do this in Klipfolio?


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    T V

    Hi Suzy - 

    I have the same issue and here is how I solved it.

    I added a range to the gauge, from 0 to last year's total. Color it gray or some other pay-little-attention color. Like so:

    Please post an image when you figure out how to do it - I would like to see other examples.


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    Zach Kathnelson

    Good question, and Trudy, I like your approach.  With a Gauge, you have a few different elements you can work with.  Colour ranges are certainly an option, and I would say the "Target" could be another.  You could set the Target to be Last Year's Total, and use the Max Value as the new Target.  Just another option: 

    For readability, especially if you have different categories like regions, team members, etc., you could look at a bar chart as well.  We have charts like this throughout our Sales Board.  Switch Position of X and Y Axis in the Bar/Line Chart Properties Panel.



    Hope this helps!

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