KlipFolio as a new Communications Platform

The first time I saw the KlipFolio webpage, I understood immediately that KF's incredible capabilities and modular construct made it's Dashboard platform far more important than just a Business data display service!

In my case, I have been looking for this type of very sophisticated, Web-based integrated communications platform for use in disseminating my biological events forecasting service for more than 10 years. But beyond that, ever since the first PCs became available in the early 80's, I understood the potential of 'desktop computing' to be at the core of a communications revolution - taking complex information and data from 'subject matter experts' and creating an extensive, specific, customizable, and targeted information distribution system that would greatly enhance society - from Agriculture to Medicine and all the stops in between.

To me, KlipFolio is just that sort of very powerful information delivery system!

As an example: I once had a conversation with a new client as we were leaving a successful bio-events forecasting service presentation. As we walked through the meeting room door, he tugged at my sleeve and when I turned around he asked me this question: Do you really understand what you have here? I said: Yes! I think I do! And his reply was firm but polite: No! You actually don't have clue! And, over the next 15 minutes, he laid out how the forecasting process that I had built was very likely to revolutionize the field of green plant pest management and the industry setup to service that massive field of endeavor.

Based on that conversation, I ask the same question: Does KlipFolio really understand what they have? My answer is: Not Yet!


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    T V

    Hi Christopher - I would love to see some of the dashboards and klips you are working on, if you're willing to share? 


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    Zach Kathnelson

    Hmm, you've piqued my interest as well, Christopher.  Would love to understand how you're working with Klipfolio.  Love seeing new and innovative use cases!

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    Christopher Sann

    Zach and Trudy - Thanks for the interest, but since I am still deeply in the weeds on automating many of the features in my first KF DB prototype, any sharing of that first working Alpha iteration is a bit premature.

    That said, I will make this clarification of what I am doing: The KF DB construct that I am working on is the primary part of an interactive info exchange and delivery platform using a KF dashboard as the information visualization construct between a service provider - in this case I provide bio-events forecasts for plant growers from golf courses superintendents, to nursery growers, to farmers -  and an enduser...using computers as the core of the 'data-to-information' creation process.

    More specific info than that will of necessity have to wait until a fully functioning and tested DB version is available!

    Christopher Sann -

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