Ploblems with data source Mrkt plc | отчет по заявкам (klipfolio)

Automatically updates did not works in data source  Mrkt plc | отчет по заявкам (klipfolio)

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    Rahul Bura

    Hey Nikita,

    Thanks for your post! Here are some general notes regarding refresh. The datasources in Klipfolio are only queued for refresh if one of the following happens;

    Someone has logged into the account
    Someone is actively viewing a published link. (https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/articles/215548488-Publish-links)
    You have sent out a scheduled email report. (https://www.klipfolio.com/blog/scheduled-email-dashboard-reporting-3-steps)

    If none of these conditions are met, the datasource will not refresh. However, as soon as someone logs in, they will all be triggered for refresh, and after a few moments should be updated.

    As well, if you look at the datasource, if there is an error message you should see the error message - that should provide a clue as to what the issue is as well. If you need further assistance, please reach out to our support team via a ticket with your account details and we can take a closer look Nikita :)

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