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We need a master user that updates a user input value daily and the variable can be used across multiple users dash boards eg. working.day.of.month - it is daft to have all  5 departments have to change their user input every morning - some people will change at 8am and some at 10 am and some will forget altogether. can you help?

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Ken,

    Thank you for raising your voice in our community!

    Can you help me better understand the issue you are facing / what you are trying to achieve?  

    • Is it a date-based input control you are trying to change?
    • Are you trying to set to a value that changes daily?  For example are you trying to have the dashboards always represent today?  
    • Is there also a need to give users the option to select other options?  (If so, are you suggesting you would not want Klipfolio to remember the selection the next time the user logs in or if the page refreshes?

    Any additional context around what your end game is would be very helpful.




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