Top RSI avoidance change requests

Some features do give or Klipfolio consultants RSI

  1. Create a general number & currency format for a client or account:
    Did you know that all Europeans have to do 6 clicks for each result in a klip that is a Currency:
    1: Select Result
    2: Click properties
    3 :disable auto number (often does not work, or often there is no way to know it's a currency)
    4: select currency in dropdown
    5: change seperators (we use 123.456,78 format in EU)
    6: select € or £ symbol
  2. Create an indicator copy & paste.
    This is even worse: suppose you do only three states: Above/equal/below zero. I'm not even going to start to count clicks on this on. 
    Adding indicators in a complicated dashboard can take op hours ...and it's a monkey job

    All this could be easily resolved: create a format copy/paste tool ( the paintbrush icon in excel) that copies 

    • size
    • number format
    • colour
    • indicators

No more grids in the dashboard template, but guidelines
The Grids behave like HTML table editing, while we are in a DIV/Layered age now. You can spend a lot of time tweaking every clip's padding of EVERY element to have the exact aligned dashboard. Some solutions

  • Z-layered klips that kan be resized and overlap a bit
  • a white/black coloured background of a dashboard: some minor pixel differences wouldn't be visible


Yves Ferket

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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Yves, thank for for taking the time to share these excellent ideas with us. We are currently planning a number of improvements to the Klip building experience, which will address both the currency issue and the indicator issue. Your feedback will help with this. 

    Your idea for improving how components are laid out is also interesting. I will bring this to our UX design team. 

    Thank you,


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