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    Janice Janczyn Official comment

    Hi Jo,

    The dotMailer API documentation mentions OAuth 2.0 authentication which requires Klipfolio development (currently unscheduled). It appears that certain endpoints may be accessible using basic authentication so I suggest you try a query using basic authentication (username & password); you will need to create a dotMailer API user for this. 

    Thank you,


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    Mark Ting

    Hi Janice,

    Was the dotMailer connector ever scheduled for development?



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    Danielle Hodgson

    Hi Stefen,

    Thank you for checking in! Development for a dotMailer integration has not yet been scheduled. I have added your information to the issue so that you can be notified when the connector is released. 

    In the meantime, you can use our REST/URL connector with Basic Authentication. Here are the steps. 

    1. Create an API User in your dotMailer account following their instructions. You will want to keep the page open after saving to look up the region id and username.
    2. In Klipfolio, select the REST/URL connector from our core connectors list in the Service Connector Gallery.
       a) Enter the query URL and update the region id. For the region ID, see the dotMailer Access page: API endpoint (e.g. r2-api)
       b) Select Basic Auth as your authentication method. Your username is the pre-generated email address from the dotMailer access page.

    Happy Data Visualizing! 


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