Merging Multiple Excel Sheets Contained in a Folder

In response to my original thread: https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115000739208-Merging-Multiple-Excel-Sheets-Contained-in-a-Folder?input_string=Merging%20Multiple%20Excel%20Sheets%20Contained%20in%20a%20Folder 

The following diagram is an example of the workflow: 

I think it's mostly clear from the diagram now. I understand that you can point to a single spreadsheet with multiple tabs, but they way we handle data is on a month to month basis and it's just easier to dump that data into a new sheet into a directory. In this case, a directory connected to a virtual file system being Google Drive.

Ideally when you point Klipfolio to this directory and tell it, grab only the .tsv, .cvs and .xls extensions it will bring all of them in and create a single database out of the column data. All columns with unique names will have their own column in Klipfolio.

Now, new data is added every month to the Google Drive directory, so I want Klipfolio to periodically check for new data and just append the matching columns into it's current database table. Then we're able to generate metrics from the data within Klipfolio.

For now though, we're going to be calculating these metrics with python scripts and just uploading the resulting data to Klipfolio in some format. Probably tsv. A perfect task for our new coop student, who's working on another account :)

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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Jake, thank you for the detailed explanation, it is helpful for us to understand this use case. We do not plan on addressing this in Klipfolio in the near future. You could consider either using tools outside of Klipfolio to append the data into one file (perhaps a Google Sheet) or using Zapier to append the data to a Klipfolio data source. In Using Zapier you could trigger on a new file being added to the folder and then append the data to a data source. That would work if the data had a consistent format. Here is more information on using Zapier to integrate Google Drive and Klipfolio.

    Thank you,


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