Count of rows in table with applied filter rules

Is there any way to get count of rows in table for which standard filter rules are applied (right mouse click on field name -> "Filter").

If I use COUNTALL function with reference to table column "Table\ Column: Field Name" I am getting total amount of rows in datasource. That is even if the filter is applied and actual amount of rows in table on the screen is ZERO.


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    Janice Janczyn Official comment

    Hi Pavel,

    Applied actions, such as Filter, are applied after a formula is calculated. To calculate the number of rows returned by a Filter, you will need to use the formula equivalent of the Filter.

    For example, if you have a table column set to A:A with a Filter Condition is set to Greater than 0, your formula would be COUNTIF( A:A > 0 ). This formula would have to be in a separate component (such as a separate Label component) that is not affected by the Filter.



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