Column Lookup Functionality in Klip Formulas

 Hi Klipfolio, 


I find that I often change the columns in my source data around. When I do that if I am adding or deleting a column, I have to change each of my klipfolio formulas so that they now select the correct column again. 

Instead could there be a functionality where you can seek out the column header via lookup and it automatically selects the right column? 

So for example if I have a source report

         A            B              C          

1   Name     State       Country


And then change it to the following by adding a column

        A               B              C           D

1   Name       City       State     Country



I have to change all my klips that referenced column C  for country and make them reference column D. I'd like Klipfolio to support a lookup feature where the formula would find the column labelled 'Country' and thus I wouldn't have to fix my klips each time the column arrangement of the report changed. 

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Noah,

    Thanks for raising your request here.  If I am reading this correctly, the nub of the issue is that when you change the structure of your Excel file which results in the order or position of the columns changing, then you need to update all the data source references in all formulas in all your Klips.  

    Thinking through the concept a bit further, would it be considered an improvement if you could make the change in one place related to the data source and then all your formulas and Klips pick up the change?

    Wanted to clarify the root of the problem and then open the window a bit more on approaches.



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