User Properties as variable in email report


I want to send the same dashboard snapshot with the same message to a whole group of people. But I want each one of them to see the data related to them. E.i. I want to use their User Properties as Variable (as seen below). 
I understand this is not possible today. Is there a special reason for that? Otherwise I'll post it as a feature request.
Regards, Jon


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    Leann Lewis

    We have several Klips that restrict viewing access based on a User Property. It would be great to apply that to the scheduled emails or even just select a button that would allow you to email that Klip as each user would see it from their own dashboard.


    A use case for us:

    We have sales initiatives and our sales reps can stay current with their sales revenue (and other metrics) for given time frames. It would be neat to be able to schedule an auto email to the whole "Sales" subgroup in Klipfolio that shows them what they would see for their own region.

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