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Hi there! So I’ve been perusing Klipfolio, and it looks like a fantastic tool. I currently use others, and Klipfolio beats them in many areas, but there’s a huge gap that I think we need to fill—notifications!

You already support goals, including user-defined ones, but you don’t have a way for users to be notified by text, app, or email if the goal or target is not met!

I think adding this support would really set Klip apart from all others. Please please add it! App notifications would be the quickest, and cheapest option (there are actually free services), email would also be simple, and text integration can me supported through 3rd party integration with Twilio (or others)

Let’s do this!

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    Abdul Hagi

    Hi Glen,

    You're right, that would be great. We're actively developing our service, so I recommend that you keep up with the latest updates!

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