Template Klips

I would love to be able to create a template, basically deciding the structure and styling, and also data source path of each element, but not the actual datasource.

Then when creating a klip, I could choose a base template, and just pick a datasource and change values of labels and so on as I see fit. 

Then in the future if I change styling of that template, all klips implementing this template, change with it, including structure and data path stuff.

Only thing that isn't changed is hardcoded values, these are always overriden from the actual klip implementing the template.


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    Zach Kathnelson

    Hi There!  Can you help me understand a bit more about your use case?  How would you use these templates differently?  If you are building dashboards for external customers of yours, I think we can help.  Klipfolio Partners have access to functionality that allows them to "import" assets from one section to another, and this maintains a "master/slave" relationship whereby updates to the original can be pushed out to the copies.  Partners can also keep content for their various clients completely separated for organization and maintainability.  Happy to chat further about your use case to see how we can help!  

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    Matthew Cartwright

    I would also like to do this. is there a way?

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