Feature request: Revert back to a previous version of a klip

Hello there,

I have just come up with an issue where I have added some js in my klip editor, and they have frozen the whole dashboard as well as the klip itself.I could not edit the klip itself, other klips were frozen as well. I could not even revert back to its previous version from the editor window.
I was able to resolve it by deleting the klip , by passing through the library!

However, I had done so many things with the klip that deleting it has made me lose a lot of ideas/time I had put into it.

I wanted to request a feature that would allow us to go back to a previous version of a klip when we are in the library! Since I would not need to open the klip to make that change. And operations in the dashboard do not affect the library as i was able to delete the klip from the library.

Thank you,



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