Set variable by table drilldown.

I would like to be able to show data in a (bar) graph based on a table. This is, off course, possible by using &column name, which works great! Except, I often use the drilldown feature. It would be amazing to have the bar chart follow the drilldown.

Let's say Column A contains project names, Column B contains months and Column C contains worked hours. 
I add a drilldown on Column A, which makes the table show all worked hours per project. After selecting a project, it will show you the hours worked per month. 

It would be amazing if a bar chart could show all projects and total worked hours, and on drilling down it would show all months. At this moment I have this functionality split up in multiple graph/table combination klips, but being able to build this in one klip would be amazing and make our dashboards so much cleaner.


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    Scott Lawrence

    Thank you for raising your request in the community and for sharing your use case!

    Will explore it further with the rest of the Product team.

    I've also added your name and use case to an enhancement request.



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    Jakub Gruszczyński

    Any news on this?

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