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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for raising your request in our community!  I would love to better understand what you want to do on the AppleTV.  Is it primarily viewing dashboards?  Sharing in a common area/wallboard?  Or presenting during meetings?  Something else?

    Any additional context would be great.  

    We do not currently have plans for an AppleTV app, though it has periodically come up for discussion so would not rule it out for future consideration.  



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    Nick Schwinghamer


    Basically, it is to show dashboards - We can keep a TV with Apple TV on all the time with dashboards

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    Jake Saville

    this is exactly what I want as well, we have Apple TV set up on all our office TV screens, and to have the dashboard showing on their without having to log into a computer and stream to the TV is useful 


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    Jason Polstein

    Are there any plans to offer an Apple TV app in the near future. It would be really helpful if we could use the Apple TVs we have connected to all of our TV screens to display company dashboards around the office.

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