User Property as a List

It would be neat if you could set a user property to be an array of items and enter each item into the same property. Then when you refer to it from a Klip it would call the full array.

Use case: Right now I have a dashboard that allows region managers to view data relevant to the branches in their region(s). Some managers run multiple regions. What I've done is typed all of their regions in the user property as a comma separated list then called the property in the Klip by wrapping it in the array() function. Then I select branches on the condition that they belong to a region that exists in the array.

This works except when other admins add regions for user they sometimes add spaces in between the region names and the list doesn't parse correctly. I might be overlooking a better way to do this.

If each item were added as a separate list item to the user property I think issues like this could be circumvented.


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