Dynamic Series Names for Graphs

It is nice we can now use variables for dynamic column names, but it would be nice to extend this functionality to series names for graphs. 


I use global variables for the years to make a lot of data sources and graphs dynamic, but I still have to change all the series names manually.


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    Josh Cohen-Collier

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for posting in our Community!

    This is a great suggestion, thanks for posting.
    There is currently a bit of a workaround to this, although it is not by any means perfect.
    Here is another community post outlining how this can be done.

    Hope this helps out a little.

    Best regards,
    Joshua Cohen-Collier,
    Technical Support Specialist, Klipfolio

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    Steven Beggs

    This suggestion has been around since 2013!


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    Stephen Yates

    I am happy to share that dynamic series are supported in the new Metrics Monitoring capabilities that were recently released in beta. When you visualize a metric on a bar or line chart the series are automatically added for each member. The series change dynamically to reflect the members with values in the specified time range.

    You can learn more about metrics here. As well the Knowledge Base has a bunch of useful articles

    Thank you,


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    Hi, are there any news to this? We should be able to use variables in series names for charts.  The old suggested option slows down the klip and there is no Metrics available for white label. 

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    Fendra Limited admin

    This is a basic function that should be available.  Every time I see something like this I find the same pattern; multiple requests over many years and no sign of development.  The origninal request for this was in 2013!

    A shame valuable development time was spend on PowerMetrics - what a waste of time.

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