How do you name your datasources and klips ?


My company is starting to make the move towards getting more customers, so I want to lay down some good infrastructure when it comes to naming conventions.
What have you found works for you ?
What didn't work ?
What advice do you have ?

Thanks in advance



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    Trudy Voorhees Admin

    HI Catherine - 

    Love this question! Personally, I recommend copying the entire request url into the description field of the data source. So many times, I have had to click 'reconfigure' just to see what the configuration looks like. It helps to have something in either the name or the description to say what the input parameters are for the request. 




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    Oscar Rocha

    We use descriptive titles for klips and datasoureces, adding always the medium and a number ID - then a descriptive title wich resume the objective of the DS or Klip. We add this DS and the ID on a Spreadsheet  and on reply for brands  we can know wich one de we must replicate

    You must have an order so you can identify easily where are you using DS and klips. So you can recycle.

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    Gisela Diez

    Hi Catherine, 

    We normally add in the datasource title the following:

    - Source (if it's GA, or our own data)

    - The type of data: market data, brand data, product data, KPIs...

    - Whether the source is dynamic or not

    - In cases it is a GA datasource if it has any segment applied (at least try to put the maximum information you can in the description because you will not remember in 3 months time)


    In the case of the Klips we always input:

    - Number: So we know where it is in the dashboard (for instance I know the Klip starting by "1." always contains my variables that I use across the dashboard. 

    - Data description: whether it is market KPIs, or Brand data, whether there is a analysis comparison among products...

    - Any specific parameters that you are analyzing in the Klip.


    I hope it helps :)



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    Lincoln L

    I agree it can get messy when you have so many extra accounts to add. I would also put in the data range of the klip source. For example analytics would pull up to two years (i believe) not sure if that's changed.

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