Varying Dashboard Cycle Time

How about the ability to have different viewing times on different dashboards? we find that some dashboards need longer than others to take everything in...


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    Kalyani Khandelwal Official comment

    Hi Roy, 

    Thank you for asking the question in our community forum. 

    The default settings in the your profile allows you to set only one switching time for all your dashboard. You can however do this trick to achieve what you need, you can add the same dashboard twice next to each other to double the number of seconds the dashboard stays on the full screen, will that help?

    Another hack to achieve this would be to open the dashboards in different tabs of the browsers, and using browser extensions similar to 'Revolver-Tabs' and set different switching time for browser tabs. You can also use published links for the dashboards in browser tabs.

    Best Regards,
    Kalyani Khandelwal,
    Customer Success - Technical Support.

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    Repman Last

    Any new functionality regarding individual cycle times for each dashboard?

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