Is it possible to change view with dropdown list?


I have unusual question. Is it possible to make dropdown list with klip names, which could change klip in the same dashboard. For example if I select "facebook" in the dropdown list it will show klip with the facebook charts and data in it, but if I select SEO from the same list it would show me Data and visualisations related to SEO?


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    Josh Cohen-Collier

    Hi Martynas,

    Thanks for posting in our community!

    Unfortunately, there is no way to change the actual Klip that is being displayed based on the selection of a user input control.
    If you are interested, you can submit a feature request for that ability here.

    However, what you can do is change the content that is appearing in all of the Klips components based on these variables.
    For instance, if you have a dashboard that contains two charts and a table, you could filter data is being displayed in these components, however the number of columns, series, and the actual component types themselves(bart chart, pie graph, etc) cannot be changed.

    A potential workaround is to use the HTML component to build custom tables, graphs or other components, which can be hidden,shown, or changed based on variable values.
    However, this would require knowledge of how to code these components using HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

    Hope this clarifies!

    Joshua Cohen-Collier
    Technical Support Specialist, Klipfolio

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    Arend Van der Pauw

    Hi Joshua, can you let me know how to show or hide a component based on variables?  That would be interesting code for me. 

    Best regards,


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    Meggan King

    Hi Arend,

    There is not an option to hide a component completely based on a variable selection. You can only hide the data the component would display. 


    Hope this helps,


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