Feature request: In-depth analysis of Bar/Line charts with many series


I'd like to suggest feature to Bar/Line charts.

At the moment if you have chart with multiple series(like over twenty) and you would like to analyse data of only one series you would need to deselect all the series manually.

I think it would be more efficient that by default all the Series are chosen(like at the moment) but when you click on one series only that would be selected then and all the others would be automatically deselected. With large-scale charts deselecting many series for analysing only one is a bit troublesome.


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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Aleksi,

    Thank you for sharing your use case here and outlining the challenge you are facing with 20+ series in one chart.

    I'll discuss it with the product team.

    In the meantime, you may get closer by changing the properties of all but one of your series to have visibility set to "Hide this series by default".  Each time you get to your dashboard with the series chart with a large number of series, only one would be visible and you can turn on your desired series then turn off the one you had left visible.  This could help you avoid having to turn off many series to see the one you want to focus on.



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