Klip specific permissions

It would be great if a given user could be allowed to download csv data from some but not all of their klips. Currently the permission applies everywhere. A Klip level override e.g. do not allow data download from this Klip would be very useful


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    Scott Lawrence


    Thank you for contributing to the community and raising a feature request.

    Can you help me better understand your situation?  Is this a common need or a specific one-off?

    Thanks again,


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    Test_Account ELP

    Hi Scott. I would use this feature on a number of Klips.

    Some of the data I use is not licenced for redistribution in raw form but is ok for analysis, charts, summaries etc and so on but as a result I have to have all users of that Klip on a read only settings. This has to be done at the User level and then applies to all Klips for all Users who need /want access to that klip

    A Klip level overide to prevent download from that Klip only would be great and allow me to offer data download as an option to other users

    Many thanks

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