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It would be super great to have an easier way to go through the dashboard especially when one has more than two dozens of them, like features of organising the dashboard into folders or sorting functions for the dashboard bars...


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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for raising this in the community!

    I would love to understand more about your situation and what you are trying to accomplish.  

    It sounds like you are describing your experience working with the dashboard bar.  You mention having more than 2 dozen dashboards open. Can you describe more about how you are trying to organize the dashboard?  What kind of folders are you referring to?  How would you structure your folders?  (Would you anticipate these folders be shared with your colleagues at your company? Or just for you?)

    For sorting, are you referring to sorting the dashboards in the pull down list of open dashboards?  (Right now that list shows the order in which they show up in your dashboard bar.)

    Any other insights into your feature request would be fantastic.

    Thanks again,




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    Daniel Chai

    Hi Scott, thanks for the reply. 

    The 'folders' that I was referring to was like the ones you can find in the bookmark bar in Chrome, where I can put different bookmarks into separate folders according to their categories. I think this will let us navigate to the dashboards we want more easily and quickly. The pull down list is great, but it would be fantastic if we are given options to sort the dashboards by name, or date created, etc.



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