Feature Request: Toggle chart legend on or off


On a number of occasions I have wanted to turn a chart legend off but cannot do so. The legend text can be replaced with a blank space but the chart line or bar colour remains (see below).

It would be ideal to have a "switch" in the klip editor to turn the legend on or off at either a total klip level or for each individual series.

Cheers - Paul.



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    Zach Kathnelson

    Hey Paul - There is an option to turn off the legend in the properties menu.  It's under the "Bar/Line Chart" Component. 

    If the Legend is shown, you can click on each item in the legend to turn that series on or off.  This is a really nice option which we use extensively to look more closely at a specific series.

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    Paragraph Ltd Admin

    Hi Zach

    Many thanks for letting me know this option is available.

    Cheers  - Paul.



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    Joshua Kitz

    I couldn't find it either, so appreciate that the question was already asked, and answered.

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