Disabled client account, but client still logs in occasionally

I have a client account with 4 users. The client was active for a few months, but then decided to cancel their account with me.

I changed their client status to 'disabled', but did nothing else to their account in the hopes that they might return at some point. So all users, dashboards, data sources, etc are still there.

I've noticed that one of the users in the client account has logged in in the past month. Can you please tell me what she saw when she logged in? Is there a page that says "This account has been disabled. Please contact xxxxxxx to re-connect." or something similar?




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    Larona Nyambe

    Hi Trudy, 

    The users will be redirected to an error page when they try to log in, so even though the log in is captured in the logs the user will not have access to the account content. 



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    T V

    Can you show me what that error page looks like? I would like to know, because I think my client might be interested in returning and I'd like to nurture that interest.


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