Table Axis Switch - Creating Vertical Tables where you insert new ROWS instead of columns.

For table with a lot of columns, it would be much easier to view if they were reorganized to flip the axis and you could scroll up and down through the rows instead of squishing dozens of columns into klipfolios limited width display. 

This would be the equivalent of creating a pivot table in excel where you add the field as a row, instead of as a column, so that the pivot table extend downwards instead of horizontally.

I created an example to help illustrate my point: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NPdfphjDLpRV_Mpi78OJrmI_NnEcI-55Ek8dSnUJfWs/edit?usp=sharing

Look at she sheets 'table bad' where there is far too many columns, and 'table good' where you can easily read your data by vertically scrolling through rows.

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    Lauren Plowman

    +1 for this idea! A simple "switch columns/rows" feature, as is available for bar graphs would be extremely helpful. I have several instances where this would make it easier for clients to scan tables more easily. 

    I think this could work as a feature either within the Klip or in the data modelling tool... or both! 



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