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I built an app using NodeJS and Aurelia that allows a business user to create data feeds, basically a cards style interface and a feed building wizard. The wizard takes the user through creating a feed, selecting the data sources, defining the semantic relationships, choosing the attributes, setting the controls (data policies) and publishing it.

This effectively packaged up the underlying data and shipped it off to a distribution data store (allowing for an approval workflow), but as I was building it I came across your solution that caters for sourcing data and visualising it. I completed a prototype and was thinking I could use your APIs to integrate my app and extend your solution and then I figured it would be worth submitting the idea.

The problem with a lot of reporting solutions, is that the data is still locked away, most people still want the flexibility in extracting data into Excel or in-house reporting tools. This way you could become the data storage center for customers data and effectively create a data marketplace. This would also benefit industry, because if you store enough data within a single industry, you would effectively know a lot more than the industry bodies.

Happy to provide a provide a video that demonstrates it.



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    Zach Kathnelson

    Hi Andrew, very interesting!  Do you envision your app helping users get some of their key data into Klipfolio?  We do allow users to download the data from any dashboard into Excel or CSV (this is done at the Klip level).  

    We want to help organizations monitor the health and performance of their business, and while I understand the value of what you describe in a "data marketplace," we're not a traditional BI tool, and aren't well suited for deep data exploration or "Big Data."   

    Would love to chat further if you see potential in working together.  Reach out to success@klipfolio.com any time!  


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