Stacked Bar Chart with Total Values

In this post, I am going to walk you through how to build a stacked bar chart that displays the total value of all series

What you will need to do is add an additional series that will be the total of all series in the chart


In this series, you will add the references to all of the series you would like to sum:

In my case, I wanted to sum the data from 2014 and 2015 to find out how many total sales from both years I had in each quarter

Now you will need to change the properties of this series to be a line chart, select the chart style to be just dots, and check "Show values on chart":




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    Alex King

    Hi Garrod,

    Are there any plans for this to be a built in feature when you stack bars (as opposed to having to create a new series)?

    Many thanks,


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    Dataware Metrics Admin

    I use this method quite often. The only drawback is that, on hover, the chart draws lines of connection between the dots in the series, and it looks... well, it looks bad. And, it happens frequently because the user is attempting to hover over each portion of the stacked chart to see those values.

    I would much prefer if the default behavior for a line chart with dots would be to never draw the connecting lines. 




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    Emil Gunnberg Querat


    The feature Alex King mentions would be super helpful and neat. I'm not a big fan of the extra points on the graph nor the connector line when hovering. 

    Best regards,


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