Please Retain HTML in Field Prefixes, or Add Functionality HTML Provided

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This is related to another topic I have commented on - https://support.klipfolio.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115004228753-Feature-Request-Be-able-to-enlarge-text-on-the-axis-of-a-graph

My dashboards currently use HTML in the prefixes my Bar Chart Series and Y-Axis. Removing the ability to use HTML there means that I will no longer be able to control the font size of my y-axis labels and legends. 

We put these dashboards on large TV screens around the office, so being able to read labels from a distance is very important to our use case. 

I understand that there is probably a good reason to remove the ability to add any HTML to a field, but it would be nice to have to replacement for the utility it provided before it is removed.

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    Tim Johnson

    It makes sense to expand the functionality within the Prefix/Suffix settings before retiring HTML support next month. We rely on the HTML title tag for tooltips within the suffix property, specifically with value pairs. This is an excellent work-around to provide a user specific details about a value (on mouse hover) within a dashboard without cluttering the interface with static text. Common tooltips are 'applicable taxes included', 'normalized for weather', 'values converted to equivalent kilowatt-hours' - it adds a layer of supporting info (on hover/click) similar to other components like charts.

    Post HTML prefix/suffix retirement next month, are there any options to enable a tooltip without reworking the value pairs to be HTML components?

    Since colour and font style are being added (HTML tags anyway), would it be straight forward to add a tooltip option?  



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