Feature request: Managed displayer accounts

This request came from the discussion in the this thread.

It would be beneficial to have a second type of klipfolio account in addition to the normal accounts one can have today. Let us call it a Managed account. This account would be for displaying the dashboards on rotation in fullscreen mode on unmanaged wall-mounted screens.

The computing device (chromebit, raspberry pi, etc) driving a wall-mounted screen would be logged into the Managed account on Klipfolio. An admin has access to all settings for this Managed account, such as rotation rate for dashboards, refresh rate, login credentials, etc. It would also be allowed to have multiple computers logged into the same Managed account, so that multiple wall-mounted screens could be using the same account.

As it stands, there is no solution for actually displaying Klipfolio dashboards in a safe manner on unmanaged screens (published links are not secure enough for our purposes, even with password protection). Managed accounts for this purpose would be a very useful feature.


EDIT: Just found that creating a custom role that is only allowed to go into fullscreen and change the theme, works well as a "display-only" account role. The only problems that remain now is that the rotate-rate cannot be managed, and that the account of course cannot be logged into from multiple locations. This latter point makes it difficult to make changes to the account, as it will force the unmanaged screen to logout.


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    Klipfolio Team

    Hey Magne - I think that some of our Wallboard Partners like TruDigital or RiseVision in conjunction with Private Links would be an ideal solution for you.  We use this approach internally, and have found it to be extremely reliable (our top priority) and also simple to manage.

    RE security, would IP Range restrictions mitigate some of your concerns?  This adds another layer on top of password.  

    This configuration can give you the management functionality that it sounds like you're looking for to make your setup a bit more turn key.  


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    Magne Lauritzen

    We are not happy with the private links. The security surrounding them is insufficient, and we require user access control of who can see which dashboards. We are therefore forced to share the dashboards with users only. 

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    Scott Elzey

    Very similar to this same issue:  Adding users by creating fake email accounts is a clumsy solution.  I need the ability to add users to my account so they can restart dashboard rotations, etc, on multiple PC in different parts of our office.  I am more concerned with the new user's ability (actually me on multiple PCs) to have an account created easily. 

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    Magne Lauritzen

    Scott, the way we solved it on our offices was by assigning alias emails to the klipfolio admin, as detailed here: https://support.google.com/a/answer/33327?hl=en

    I would then "invite user" by sending an invite to this email. The name I gave the new "user" was something like "Screen 1, Main office" just to make it easy to see that the user is not really a person, but meant for a screen. 

    It works decently, but it is still clumsy. We also contacted Klipfolio and got permission to have single users logged in to multiple locations at once. This made it a bit easier, since we only had to create a single "screen user" that is logged in on all our screens. I can then also log into this screen user on my own computer and change things like the rotation rate and which dashboards are visible.

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