Feature request: Sorting of klips and datasources


I am developing many dashboards, and I currently have several dozens of datasources, and nearly as many klips. It is becoming tedious to look through pages upon pages of klips and datasources to find the specific element I require. I am aware of the search function, but I often cannot remember exactly the name of what I need to find. It would be immensely helpful if a folder structure was implemented in the libraries (dashboards, klips, datasources) to facilitate sorting of these elements.


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    Rupert Bonham-Carter

    Thank you for the enhancement request Magne.  I agree this can be frustrating. 

    Making build and design decisions about things like Klip/dashboard/datasource naming best practices is the kind of help we discuss with our customers during their free on-boarding training call.  It looks like you may have not taken us up on that offer yet?  I highly recommend this to all new customers.  We provide you with 3 bonus dashboards in your account as well as a way to say thanks for investing in this training session with use.  

    Your Klipfolio Success Guru is Pilar Mata.  You can book her calendar here if you'd like to take us up on the offer https://calendly.com/pmata

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    Magne Lauritzen

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I was unaware of the on-boarding training call. I will have to skip it, but thanks for letting me know it exists. And I will attempt to be more careful about the naming conventions. Still would be helpful to have a folder structure!

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