Ability to email entire report, even if it is set up as scrollable in a Dashboard.

For some reason when emailing reports, it is only sending the same number of rows as is visible in the dashboard. I cannot see any reason for this limitation. Dashboards can be organized and contain many reports, and they are scrollable. Obviously, when emailing a report, i want the entire report included. It seems absurd to limit it to what is visible in the dashboard. 

At a minimum, provide an option to Include Full Report when setting up a scheduled export. 

I realize that I could create a copy of teh Klip, AND have a secondary dashboard that shows the entire thing, but that is a kluge and should not be necessary.

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    Leann Lewis

    We would also be interested in this. We have several table Klips that give lists of information. We're usually displaying enough data points that we have to scroll down in order to see them all.


    1) A list of our database imports along with a "Success" or "Failure" indicator that out dev team uses.

    2) A list of all clients for a given branch that we need to do a sales follow up with.

    3) A list of each support agent and a count of tickets for that agent by status. 


    The purpose of the snapshot is to provide a way to easily reference the information in the Klip at the time the snapshot was created. This is problematic in the case of table Klips like those above because the snapshots don't give you all of the data; you can only see what was visible from the UI before you scroll down in the Klip. Thus, you still have to go to the web UI to get a full picture of what's happening in that Klip at that specific moment.

    The option to send a CSV instead of picture for this style of Klip would circumvent this issue. Alternatively, in our specific use case, an image of the fully expanded table would also work.

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