[Feature Request] Dynamic private links (through an API)

I'd like to embed a dashboard (not a static Klip) screen in a mobile app, so i need a link to be generated every time an authorized user is logged in to MY app.


For that i need an API that will generate this private link (preferably with a token for added security) and i'll pass this link to the Mobile App for that user session.


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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Yaron,

    Thanks for raising your question / request in the community.  I'd like to better understand your scenario.

    It sounds like you are wanting to embed a contextual dashboard within your mobile App.  Sound like you want to have the dashboard reflect the context of the user viewing the dashboard.

    Would you intend for these to be transient or more permanent?  If it is generated every time a user logs in, would you have/need to keep the link around or was your intent to create the link for that 'session', then discard it?  

    Is it always the same dashboard?  What would make it unique for different authorized users?

    Wrt the "token for added security", what did you have in mind here?

    What kinds of attributes would need to be associated with such a link when being generated via API that would make it useful for your situation?

    This is not currently on our roadmap, however I'd like to flesh it out a bit more to have a better discussion with our product team.

    Thanks again,



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    Yaron Harel

    Hi Scott,

    So i'll explain the incentive here a bit, 
    Building a full-fledge dashboard can be a hard task (you know...), and it's even harder on Mobile.

    So the advantages of having a good dashboard already ready to implement on Mobile apps is obvious.

    Different apps have different user types, permissions that would require different dashboards.

    For us as a developer can have full control on what is displayed to the user and what it can do with it, we need an API to control and request the right type of dashboard with the right type of possible operations (use, edit, etc.) for each user/request.

    So in my mind, the flow should go something like this.

    1. User X goes into the mobile app and wants to see a dashboard of his product. 
    2. The mobile app client request from OUR API for a dashboard for this user
    3. OUR backend sees that user is of type Y and can only see information on Product Z and only for viewing purposes
    4. OUR backend requests from your (non-existent right now) API for Dashboard link for Product Z, view only
    5. We transfer the link along with the token (or other security features) to the mobile client
    6. Mobile client opens the link for the user
    7. User finishes his session/closes the app/sleeps for 5 minutes/etc. and this link/token expires

    Does is sound better now?



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    Scott Lawrence

    Thanks, Yaron.

    It sounds like you are reusing one dashboard that has a set of variables to be set for each user.  Would the option to set the value of those variables vis URL parameters address your need?  (Not planned, just exploring from a different angle.)



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