Component - that indicates DataSource Refresh Failure

Hi - I have a question about component

Is there any component out there that I can add to my widget which can give a visual clue if DataSource refresh failed.

I mean something that stays visible on the widget if DataSource refresh failed.

Something that says LIVE or say Last Updated: (if refresh failed)


This adds tremendous value when looking at the Dashboard. I had an instance where I was looking at a beautiful chart presentation which is supposed to be reflecting data from the last 7 days. But it had the incorrect information as the DataSource refresh  had failed. IRONICALLY THERE WAS NO INDICATION WHAT SO EVER TO STATE THAT I AM LOOKING AT DATA THAT IS NOT REFRESHED.



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    Vasudevan S

    Please read WIDGET as KLIPS in the above post.

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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Vasudevan,

    Thank you for contributing to the community and posting your question here.

    There is a mechanism on Klips to show a warning icon when there is a data source refresh issue.  It is the red exclamation mark in this screen shot.  

    Note: this will not be visible to view-only users and will only show up in full screen if you move a cursor over the Klip which makes the menu bar for the Klip visible.

    Were you looking for something else?




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    Vasudevan S

    Hi Scott,

                  Really appreciate the meticulous follow-up from KlipFolio. 

    You have clearly stated that this Red Exclamation will not show up

    • for view-only users 
    • also when the cursor is not over the Klip even if one happens to be viewing it with all the permissions 

    When we deploy Dashes to Customers (Clients) we mostly prefer view-only for various reasons. 
    There could be times when the Dash is projected on a big-screen for the entire office to look at and there wouldn't be any cursor on any of the Klips on the Dash.

    Ideally it would be nice to have a PERMANENT VISUAL INDICATOR in case of Datasource Refresh failures. 

    To give an example if there is a Klip using Stock on Hand & Re-Order value for a specific inventory item in a Warehouse and if the Refresh has been failing, it would not serve the purpose of having the Dash in the first place.


    Would like to put this as a feature request to have some sort of visual clue (may be a component) that gives indication of refresh failure. There could be complexities with multiple data sources for a single klip. But this adds a lot of VALUE to the customer



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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Vasu,

    Some additional context that may help.

    • View-only users would not see it by default, however the ability to see the warnings is a role permission.  You could create a new role with only that permission and give it to all view only users - or create a custom view-only role that includes that permission.  Either would enable your view only users to see the warning.
    • When looking at the dashboard on your browser not in full-screen mode, the icon will always be visible as the Klip menus are always visible in this mode.
    • If you put the dashboards in full-screen mode (e.g. often done on wallboards), the menus and actions on Klips are hidden unless you move your cursor over them.

    Are you looking to have these icons visible on a wallboard? (In full-screen mode.)

    I would love to get on a phone call with you to explore further.  Can you contact me at slawrence@klipfolio.com to help coordinate a time?




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