Alternating table row colours

Hi Guys!

This post below will detail in simple terms, how to set up a table column/table, with the rows having alternating background colors.
With the new results reference, this gives us the ability to do this even when applied actions are used.

First, add a hidden data to your table, via the Properties panel;

Then, in this hidden data, do the following formula(making sure to use a results reference &, instead of component reference !).

The reference can be to any column in the table.

In the Properties panel of the hidden data, make sure to make it independent.

Then, in each of your table columns, set the Indicators up as follows;

Hope this helps you guys!

Best regards,
Joshua Cohen-Collier
Technical Support Specialist, Klipfolio


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    Anthony Pena

    This is an awesome "workaround" solution that avoids CSS & HTML. Great Job!

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    Todd Bayliss

    I'm new to Klipfolio and I'm finding it difficult to understand the implementation of this solution on my very basic table. I'm also surprised that having options for alternating row colors — or at least having row borders — isn't available in a reporting tool like this. I would think that this is standard functionality. Is it on the development roadmap? 

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    Dave Laidlaw

    Thank you for this alternative solution.  Unfortunately, as soon as you sort any column in the table that you didn't use as a result reference makes the row background no longer alternate, and just clutters the backgrounds depending on what you sorted by.  So the initial look of the table is fine, but if you have users that sort the columns then the background becomes very distracting, which voids the point of trying to visually follow the data within rows.

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    Simon Gade

    This works but is very tedious if you have 10 tables with 10 rows in each. A LOT of work. Is this still not an official feature of Klipfolio?

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