Finding Klips that use the same data source.

I would like a way to find all the Klips that use a particular data source.  I know this possible in the API, but I would like to do this in the Klipfolio UI.  A sample use scenario is that I make a change to a report (like adding a new column of data), and I want to make sure I properly update all the Klips that use this report.


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    Darwin Leung

    I have the same question. Push.

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    Christian Lämmerer

    That would be a really important feature! Pls implement asap

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    Exequiel Alcober

    Hello Larry, 

    Thanks for reaching out to Klipfolio.

    We currently have this feature available in the app. 

    Each data source has this option available under 'Associated Klips' on the left side menu. See picture below for further clarification. 


    Thanks for your feedback and please let us know if you have any more questions. 

    Happy Dashboarding!


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