Table Creation Problems/ Call for new Features

I ran into a problem when I tried to increase the overall font size in my table. There is no way to change the font size on the column header without creating a custom header. It should follow the style changes to the column. Increase/decrease the font size of a column and the column header should follow in a relative way. After all the initial style is generated based on the default font size of the column. If I wanted something radically different, I could see the need for a custom header. Also, another nice feature would be a way to globally increase the font size in the entire table setup. In my case, I would have to visit 6 different properties (2 columns, 2 custom column headers and 2 custom results rows) to increase font size overall for visibility.

Another problem I had was trying to display a fixed number of table rows with out scroll bars. My data has 180 rows of customer/$ revenue arranged from largest to smallest with the last row being the overall total of the other 179 rows. I wanted to display the first 10 with row 11 being the row 180 in the data. The display was set to "display only" 10  table rows and a custom result was added to display row 180. This worked fine, but a scroll bar was added. Applying a "top 10 filter" to the revenue column removed the scroll bars, but now the absolute total in data row 180 now displayed in the first display row. Adding a data field to the customer column and adding a filter to that to exclude row 180 finally fixed the table display. I then had to go back and display 11 instead of 10 to compensate for the "filtered row" (11 - 1 = 10).  I realize with a lot of fiddling with filters and such I could lock it down to 10 rows. My issue is your tool doesn’t do what it says it will. If I change the property to display only 10 rows it should. If it actually means display 10 rows and add a scroll bar if there are more, then an alternative could be a scroll/no scroll option.


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