Wunderlist Integration

I noticed that Wunderlist is mentioned under Klipfolio's list of "additional data sources."  I've had some success with other not-actually-supported API data sources, like BambooHR, which provided an API key, but Wunderlist uses OAuth 2.0 and requires registering an app with an "app URL" and a "auth callback URL" (see https://developer.wunderlist.com/documentation/concepts/authorization and https://developer.wunderlist.com/apps/new) all of which is somewhat beyond my competence.  Does anyone have any experience with or information on using Wunderlist as a data source in Klipfolio?

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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Nathan, unfortunately you cannot connect to services like Wunderlist with OAuth 2.0 authentication unless they are integrated into Klipfolio with a connector. You could consider exporting your data from Wunderlist as a JSON file and then bringing it into Klipfolio. Our support team would be happy to help if needed.

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