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I'm trying to create a REST Data source (APPERIAN API).
This data source need a 2 steps authentications:
- First get a token
- Get a users list from an API

I have created 2 separate data source and it works.
But when I create a 2 step authentication, I have error when i use the variables :
[username], [password] & [auth_token]

It works when I replace these variables by static values.

thanks for your help 




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    Mourad Betkaoui


    Thanks to Arshad Hayat (Klipfolio Support)  for the solution.

    Here are the changes to fix this connection:

    Response format: TEXT

    Token Path: "token": "(.*?)"

    (Take care of the space after the double point : )

    Body: {"user_id": "[username]", "password": "[password]"}

    and [auth_token] for the value of X-TOKEN in header






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