Input Selector to allow multiple items to be selected and then a filter applied on those selection(s) and a slider


Would be great if we were able to select more than one item in a filter when used as an input selector


A:A                       B:B

Monday                1

Tuesday               2

Wednesday         3

Thursday             4

Friday                  5

Saturday             6

Sunday               7


slice(A:A) returns all values in the input selector - Mon -> Sun, if we select Mon at B:B the $ var passed is Monday

When applying a hidden data filter with a match we would get the result of 1 only for Monday

It would be great if I could multi-select, Mon, Wed, Fri (maybe a checkbox) where the filter is applied as AND conditions.


B. Another idea is to have a slider where you can drag two sliders to use as between values.



Start time Slider 1 range  - 00:00 - 23:59       End time Slider 2 - 00:- 23-59

By dragging the slider we can set the start time to say 01:00 and drag the end slider to say 03:00, convert to epic and the use a between filter to allow the user to return the values in between

Sliders could be set to a range read from cells.


Just my suggestions





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