Better formatting options for text(differently formatted words, bullets, fonts, superscript and more!)

Hi Klipfolio!

This post will teach you how you can have text that is extremely customizable, in ways that the regular Label component can't do.

Some of the things you can do with this are;
-Colored text, and different colors for different words
-Colored backgrounds for words
-Strikethrough text
-Different fonts
-Indenting, bullet points and lists
-Varying sizes for words
and much more

To do this, you will need to use the HTML template component, which uses raw HTML/CSS to accomplish advanced styling.
However, never fear, you can use this tool here(online and free!) to use a Microsoft Word interface to style your text, and output the raw HTML code.
You can simply copy and paste this code into the HTML component.

Hope this helps!

Happy Klipping,
Joshua Cohen-Collier
Technical Support Engineer, Klipfolio


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