Feature Request: Make "Rename..." Dashboard & "Share Dashboard" set at a Dashboard Permission level

The "Edit Dashboard" permission includes all editing of the dashboard including the renaming it.

I'd like to be able to set permissions at a Dashboard or General level so that a User can have a library of widgets that they can add, remove, and rearrange however they want without actually being able to break or change anything else within the account.

I know it's an odd request, but I'd also like them to be locked out of Renaming the dashboard so that if there are multiple users in this Role and sharing the same group of dashboards no one can change the name of the dashboard and causes confusion.

Additionally, I think it would be better to make permissions more granular so that "Edit Dashboard" or adding a dashboard to a group as "Use and Edit" instead of "Use" don't have default permissions such as Renaming or Sharing and they are all selectable and customizable.


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