Email/text/Slack alerts based tied to various self defined tresholds

 When a certain value reaches a predefined level, enable email/text/Slack notification with the ability to customize the message and the distribution list based on the 'need to know'.

This would make Klipfolio even more relevant in places where data changes frequently during the day (transportation & logistics, manufacturing, AR/AP, ecommerce, etc).

Most managers do not like/want to analyze data even in Klipfolio - they want to be alerted when things go wrong with the description of the problem, not just charts or numbers.


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    Shahar Halperin

    Agree, we need ALERTS ASAP


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    Stephen Yates

    Hi Greg and Shahar, thank you very much for the feedback. Adding alerting is being explored. I have added your comments to the investigation and when there are is an update we will notify you.

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    Abdallah Shadid

    Any updates on this feature request? as it will help us a lot.

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