Klipfolio on AppleTV gen 4!


It could be great if you could make the IOS app working on AppleTV gen4, so that all your customers, can use it pro on a big screen.


Is that posible?




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    Scott Lawrence

    Hi Harald,

    Thank you for contributing to the community and raising this request.  

    Can you help me understand more about how you want to use Klipfolio on an AppleTV?  Is it just for Viewing dashboards?  Would your primary use case be for hosting meetings?  Is your objective to avoid having to bring your Mac to Air Play to the AppleTV?

    Any additional insights into your use case and how you would see this functionality used in your situation would be very helpful in fleshing out the requirements and would contribute to prioritization. 

    In the meantime, I'll raise a feature request and associate your name with it for context.

    Thanks again, 


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    Harald Tokeroed

    Hi again

    The tool helps os make som great dashboard, but we want it up on the big screens we have in our office, and dont want to use airplay from our macs, because we go in and out of the office. So if we could download Klipfolio as an app on the appletv gen 4, our Klipfolie dashboards, could allways be visible for os and out customers in the office.


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    Scott Lawrence

    Thanks again, Harald!

    I will add this as additional context.



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    Eran Feinstein

    Hi Scott, 

    I would like to support the same request. We too would very muck like to have an App on Apple TV 4K with view only of the dashboards. 

    This is for monitoring proposes only and it would be great if that will be possible.


    Thanks in advance, 

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