Get notified when a new comment posted on klip

I would like to get notified when someone post a comment on Klip, to improve the discussion and collaboration on particular klip/trend/data. This is important because the communication promote the continuous improvement on dashboard, and stickiness on dashboard.


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    Nikita Lyon

    Yes I agree, especially if I @mention a colleague I think its important that that user gets notified - preferably by an email

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    Caileigh Simpson

    Hi Everyone!

    This is an excellent request. We do not have immediate plans to build a user-to-user communication system, but with our continued focus on teams and how teams use data to communicate, we know this a feature that could bring a ton of value to our Klipfolio users. I have captured your feedback internally. 

    Thank you, 

    Caileigh (Product Manager)

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